Made from Titanium and Hard Anodised Aluminium.

The Centre Tube and Inner Adjuster Rod are Black Hard Anodised Aluminium.

Fitted with a Titanium Quick Release Head is to suit our ‘Buzz Bars’, ‘Single Alarm’ or ‘Pod’. The Bankstick Top and Point are also Titanium, making them extremely strong yet lightweight.

The Point has flats either side and a unique sharp point, designed to go in the ground with little effort and the flats stop the Bankstick from twisting so reducing the need to use Stabilisers.

All the Locking Thumb Screws have our unique design where they can’t be removed, and only have half a turn from open to close. They have a Black Anodised Aluminium Head with a Stainless Steel screw.

6″ length=1.5inch extra extension

8″ length=3inch extra extension

10″ length=3inch extra extension

12″ length=7inch extra extension

14″ length=7inch extra extension

18″ length=7inch extra extension

24″ length=7inch extra extension

36″ length=7inch extra extension

48″ length=7inch extra extension

Each Bankstick includes a Quick Release Insert