Available in Three different length options

All Buzz Bars extend by 4inchs in total width.

Made from grade 5 titanium.

The Buzz Bar’s come with our unique “Quick Release” system, enabling you to remove or change alarms/rod rests in seconds.

These also have a “Quick Release” fitting with a two location flats on, fitting into our Banksticks. Which means when built everything aligns up perfect every time with no chance of the Buzz Bars twisting like all others on the market.

All the Locking Thumb Screws have our unique design where they can’t be removed, and only have half a turn from open to close. They have a diamond knurled Head.

Each buzz bar comes complete with all required “Quick Release” inserts.

The buzz bar arms have our unique design where they adjust open to a stop, and can’t be removed.

Please note these will only fit our Banksticks.